The Dystopia Game: A Complete Novel


The Emperial Metropolis is the arena of a dangerous game: teenage actors are used as toys in movies in which everything happens for real.

For Max, this means living in a trap. Every day may bring the worst. Once he is chosen to play the leading role in an experimental post-apocalyptic show, his life takes an unexpected turn. It is not a lucky turn, however. The new production will be filmed in the outer mutant-infested wilderness and transmitted in real time on TV. What is worse, Max’s girlfriend Lara will play a role in the series as well.

Through the nanochips implanted in their brains, the young actors will receive orders and impulses from the filmmakers and act out the script accordingly. Every order and every impulse will be determined by the ruthless code—the Movie Story Algorithm, which defines all possible paths of the show’s storyline. Having the right to improvise, Max and Lara start their most dangerous job…

The Dystopia Game (Episodes)