The Dystopia Game


Everything featured in the movies of Emperial, the largest of the Seven Metropolises, is real and is broadcast live on TV and on screen.

Max Stranger never knows what might happen during his performance in the film. Like the other Actors, he is sedated beforehand so that the film coordinators can turn on an artificial consciousness hidden in a special nanochip in his brain. The Actors call this consciousness the Movie Character. When Max starts to play the role under the control of his dormant mind, coordinators send thoughts to the nanochip, forcing the Character to do everything that the script requires.

The worst scenario begins when the ruthless Autarch approves a great production: a post-apocalyptic serial – Seven Players: Season 1 that will have its setting in a ravaged wilderness inhabited by mutated creatures. Max and his girlfriend, Lara, are chosen to play the starring roles.

Death can lurk at every turn out there. Anyone can die. Even the leading actor…